The connectivity platform enabling beyond visual line of sight UAV operations in cellular networks

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Trusted solution enabling connecting cellular networks with aviation systems

Seamless connection

With AirborneRF, you can seamlessly connect your cellular network with FIMS, CIS, USSP, USS, UTM, and ATM platforms, making all aviation systematic and easier to manage.

Cloud native

AirborneRF is a cloud-native, micro-services based solution providing maximum scalability. It is capable to process the radio connectivity of the entire US Airspace in under a minute. AirborneRF provides near real-time data to flight information management systems.

Machine learning

Powered by advanced machine learning technology, AirborneRF offers most comprehensive radio space analyses. Deeply integrated into your cellular networks, it automates the data exchange and processes for BVLOS drone operations.

Save data exchange

AirborneRF processes and exchanges all required data at the highest safety standards. Only processed results are exchanged, so that no critical details, e.g. about the mobile network operation, are exposed at any time.

Connect the cellular network with BVLOS drone operation

Mobile Network Operators use AirborneRF to quickly and efficiently connect drones throughout their cellular networks. 

More specifically, you can:

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Key AirborneRF uses

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Business development

AirborneRF allows Mobile Network Operators to

  • Demonstrate drone capabilities to customers & authorities
  • Develop new business models
  • Prepare for the upcoming monetization opportunity


AirborneRF answers critical engineering questions for Mobile Network Operators

  1. Does the existing cellular network enable BVLOS drone operations?
  2. How to optimize the network to go for bigger business opportunities?
  3. How to protect the cellular network from interference caused by drones?
Cell Tower with Drone
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End-to-end business solution

By implementing and integrating AirborneRF, BVLOS business solutions can be realized end-to-end.  

For example, public safety applications can be demonstrated in real environments, from the alarm, the automatic and remote BVLOS drone mission, to the live video stream from the drone in the mission control center.

Check out what users and industry experts say about AirborneRF

“Aviation is built on trust. As telecom networks all over the world rise to meet the commercial needs of drones and connected aircraft, AirborneRF is the only product I’ve seen that can provide the trust needed in these new signals to truly be considered aviation-grade. And they’re providing that needed bridge between these industries today.”​
Jonathan Evans

Founder of Skyward (a Verizon company), Founder and former President of GUTMA – Global UTM Association.

“Swisscom’s reliable and secure mobile network is ready to support UAVs. Our joint development cooperation will further help us in providing the required levels of mobile broadband connectivity to support safe and reliable flights for UAVs, servicing a wide range of different use cases.”
Dr. Rico Schwendener
Head of Innovation at Swisscom
“AirborneRF is definitely up there with some of the best software that I’ve used…”
Dylan Bell
Software Engineer at Telstra

Technology designed to enable safe BVLOS drone operations

AirborneRF was created to bridge the gap between the Mobile Network Operator domain and aviation domain, automating the data exchange and making BVLOS drone flights safe. Here are just a few of the many ways our technology can help.

Deploy BVLOS drones using existing cellular networks

If you’re a Mobile Network Operator trying to run BVLOS drone operations on an existing LTE network, our software can help.

AirborneRF leverages the capabilities of existing cellular infrastructures to implement efficient, cost-effective BVLOS drone solutions that get results.

Bring new BVLOS opportunities to your enterprise customers

As a mobile network operator, your existing enterprise customers will sooner or later ask for BVLOS drone services to enhance their future business.    

With AirborneRF you can proactively demonstrate the value you can add and the ways you are able to help them.

Extract complimentary data from cellular network

Looking for a fast, efficient way to access critical information from the networks? AirborneRF has got you covered.

In partnership with a Mobile Network Operator, UAV Management System Providers now quickly access connectivity data, ground risk data, redundant UAV geo-position information, and more.

The telecom industry is changing.
Are you ready to adapt?

To ensure future success, Mobile Network Operators need to identify new value added service opportunities on top of just connectivity. One of the best ways to do this is with Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations and the services around it.

One of the hottest new trends in the industry, BVLOS drone operations are controlled via cellular networks, presenting a significant growth opportunity for Mobile Network Operators. Historically, air traffic management and cellular networks did not need to interact with one another, but the rise in drone deployment has changed that. In 2020, continuous connectivity between the two is essential for UAV flight safety and regulatory compliance. With this change in requirements comes an increased avenue for profits. Like IoT, where cellular networks go beyond connectivity to provide entire asset tracking solutions, MNOs that provide services on BVLOS solutions before the competition will be in a strong position for years to come.

Existing 4G network technology already provides all the ingredients for reliable, off-the-shelf communication for profitable BVLOS drone operations. The upcoming transition to 5G network technology will only solidify this, as 5G networks have been specified for ultra-reliable low latency operation. In other words, Mobile Network Operators have a clear path to provide effective communication for critical airspace safety.

There’s just one catch: Many Mobile Network Operators are not familiar with the aviation industry.

That’s where AirborneRF comes in.

Explore new added value service opportunities with AirborneRF

Connect to aviation

Powered by AirborneRF’s automated interfaces, you can connect your mobile network operations directly to the aviation systems for UAVs/drones. This will allow you to capitalize on the growing BVLOS drone sector, as well as its endless applications in various industry verticals.

Safe drone operation

Providing live data for safe drone operation is more than just a great business opportunity – it’s a necessity. AirborneRF provides critical communication and navigation coverage information for unmanned (and manned) airborne systems and vehicles, thus enabling safe BVLOS drone deployment.

We help cellular operators and aviation system partners across the globe.
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Real-world implementation

To capitalize on BVLOS drone opportunities, you need to put AirborneRF into action. Our team facilitates the seamless implementation and integration into your infrastructure, as well as the infrastructure of your valued ecosystem partners. The next step? Operational use (and an ROI boost!).

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The AirborneRF advantage

With AirborneRF  you can connect your radio network with UAV airspace control like never before.  And that’s just scratching the surface. Here are a few more ways the software can help Mobile Network Operators.

And much more. It’s no wonder AirborneRF is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for Mobile Network Operators looking to leverage BVLOS and enable profitable UAV operations and services.