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“Swisscom’s reliable and secure mobile network is ready to support UAVs. Our joint development cooperation will further help us in providing the required levels of mobile broadband connectivity to support safe and reliable flights for UAVs, servicing a wide range of different use cases.”
Dr. Rico Schwendener
Head of Innovation at Swisscom
“Dimetor’s technology will enable exciting new opportunities to leverage the potential of 5G connected technologies like BVLOS drones for critical new uses, such as remote fire detection, evaluating flood areas and endless other possibilities. Working with Dimetor is allowing TELUS to explore how we can leverage drone technology to advance our social purpose of helping to make our planet greener and more sustainable. This work alongside Transport Canada, NAV Canada and Airborne RF from Dimetor will enable better services for our customers and faster and more efficient responses to keep our planet healthy.”​
Samer Geissah
Director of Technology Strategy at TELUS​
“We have just been recognized as the fastest 5G network in Austria. Pairing this network with AirborneRF and connected drones provides a perfect platform for our customers enabling new innovative business solutions.”
Matthias Baldermann
CTO at Drei
“Drone technology will continue to become increasingly important for companies and society in the next few years. I am very pleased that we are working intensively with Dimetor in this area.”
Martin Resel
CCO Enterprise at A1
“By partnering with AirborneRF, we can further explore and advance our work in the field of ATM and UTM. Through this cooperation, we will strengthen and develop the future airspace ecosystem, enabling the provision of critical data for safe BVLOS drone flights.”
Hannu Juurakko
Frequentis Chairman of the ATM Executive Team
“AirborneRF is definitely up there with some of the best software that I’ve used…”
Dylan Bell
Software Engineer at Telstra
“We have visual inspections done by robots, not only done by drones. There you have the same key questions about security for data and privacy of users and all kinds of aspects. We have lots of experience using the same type of framework”
Han De Glint
Commercial Product Manager IoT at KPN
“The combination of 4G and 5G with Inmarsat’s highly reliable, always-on ELERA network, visualised by AirborneRF, will be the best way to efficiently plan Line of Sight (LOS) and BVLOS operations.”
Anthony Spouncer
Snr Director Advanced Air Moibility at Inmarsat
“With this solution, we provide a platform that will accelerate the airspace digitization and the wide-scale and safe deployment of drone services that will benefit our customers and the society in Poland”
Andrzej Zieliński
Orange Innovation
“AirborneRF has enabled us to accurately model the TELUS Radio Access Network (RAN) in order to predict UAS connectivity risk necessary for BVLOS pipeline and railway inspection in Alberta, Canada. This network prediction capability empowers AIRmarket to utilize the TELUS 4G/LTE network for C2 and Remote ID services"
Lindsay Mohr
Founder/CEO, AIRmarket,
"AirborneRF will provide the technical bridge to worldwide BVLOS drone operations"
Jonathan Evans
Co-founder and Honorary Member GUTMA - Global UTM Association
"Cellular network connectivity is crucial for enabling new opportunities within fast-paced drone industry. Continuous R&D and cross-sectoral collaboration has provided LMT with the experience and exposure necessary to develop the technologies of the future. In successful partnership with Dimetor and by using AirborneRF we were able to validate our existing cellular network availability and capabilities in the airspace that is used today by manned aviation and in future even more by UAVs. Our strong believe is that cellular networks are capable to deliver necessary service levels to enable use-cases ranging from BVLOS inspection flights to complexed smart city and UAM solutions."
Gints Jakovels
Innovation Lead (UAS / UTM Development & Solutions)
"Managing risk and assuring safety sit at the heart of OneSky’s UTM capability. Together with AirborneRF we provide a reliable, consistent and quantifiable method of assessing dynamic connectivity and ground risk of any operation before and during the flight, ensuring compliance with performance requirements to deliver the highest levels of safety."
Toby Potter
Head of EMEA at OneSky