Shared Cellular Network Coverage – The next step for UTM?

The Global UTM Association and GSMA, representing more than 750 mobile network operators, set up a collaboration in 2019 called Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity (ACJA). The ACJA is made of several Working Groups, and it focuses on promoting mutual understanding and interchange of data between the aviation and cellular communities. The end purpose is to enhance automated information sharing and avoid incompatibilities between these two ecosystems.

Europe Hits Key Milestones To Launch Commercial Drones And Air Taxis

The toughest problem to solve to enable widespread use of autonomous air taxis and drones beyond visual line of sight is the holistic integration of new and legacy air traffic systems. A European project dubbed Gulf of Finland (GOF) 2.0, kicked off on September 2, 2021 and tackled this head on, in the largest trials yet of a single sky air traffic management system. 

NetworkCoverage: Network Solutions Enabling Complex Drone Ops in Europe

While the U.S. chose not to go the route of networked Remote ID, Europe went a different way in developing their UTM program, U-Space.  The newly published NetworkCoverage Service Definition will help European drone operators, aviation systems, and telcos communicate: and the European drone industry to advance towards complex operations.