A new era in urban travel with Supernal solution, supported by AirborneRF

Supernal, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, unveiled the S-A2 eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle concept at CES 2024. The S-A2, a pilot-plus-four-passenger aircraft, is designed for urban travel with a focus on safety, efficiency, and passenger comfort. It features a V-tail design, eight all-tilting rotors, and aims to operate quietly. 

The S-A2 reflects a blend of advanced aerospace engineering and automotive aesthetic design, highlighting Hyundai’s manufacturing expertise. Supernal’s vision includes not just the eVTOL vehicle but also the development of supporting infrastructure like vertiports, aiming for market entry in 2028.

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In this strategy, AirborneRF’s technology plays a pivotal role. Specialising in providing automated analytics for cellular and satcom connectivity in airspace, AirborneRF provides decisive insights into critical data for  Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations for Supernal. 

AirborneRF’s 4D airspace connectivity data and flight path analytics integrate seamlessly with various aviation systems, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Utilizing cloud-native solutions and advanced machine learning, AirborneRF ensures real-time data processing and secure data exchange between the eVTOL operator and the cellular network providers, unlocking the safe operation via cellular network for eVTOLs like Supernal’s S-A2.

The collaboration between Supernal and AirborneRF illustrates a significant leap in urban air mobility. By combining cutting-edge aircraft design with sophisticated connectivity analytics, the solution is aiming for setting a new standard for urban travel. 

As our world moves towards a future where eVTOLs become a part of everyday life, the synergy between aviation technology and telecommunication advancements, as showcased by this collaboration, will be pivotal in shaping the skies of tomorrow.

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