Celebrating a year of exceptional achievements: Our summary of 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s a perfect time for us at AirborneRF to look back on a year that has been nothing short of extraordinary. This year has been a journey of significant milestones, and we’re excited to share these accomplishments with you!

In June, our co-founder, Thomas Neubauer was elected as a Board Member of the Global UTM Association, representing Dimetor. This appointment is not just a personal achievement for Thomas but also a recognition of the innovative work we do here at Dimetor.

2023 also saw our AirborneRF solution achieving remarkable success. We were thrilled to be chosen as a recipient of the EIC Acceleration program, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Additionally, our success in winning Altice Portugal’s 5G Challenge further solidified our position as leaders in our field.

Our journey through the year was marked by expanding our partnerships with industry leaders further. We joined forces with world-leading mobile network operators such as Telia, A1, and Orange. In the rapidly evolving drone and UAV space, we partnered with prominent players like Parrot, FlightOps, and STRADai, enabling us to enhance our solutions and outreach.

A significant milestone was our deepening collaboration with Vodafone. The launch of the DroNet digital data service marked a new era in utilizing mobile data for assessing ground risks for drone flights more efficiently and reliably. Furthermore, Vodafone enabled a drone delivery service in rural areas in collaboration with Wingcopter drones, and our AirborneRF solution was introduced.

Throughout the year, AirborneRF made its presence felt at leading global events, sharing insights and knowledge at platforms like Bits and Pretzels, European Drone Forum, Amsterdam Drone Week, Aerial Cities, Xponential, Drone Enablers and others. Our thought leadership and expertise were also recognized in top-tier publications, including Air Traffic Management magazine and on the Interesting Engineering podcast.

As we reflect on these achievements, we are filled with gratitude towards our team, partners, and clients. Your unwavering support and collaboration have been the cornerstone of our success.

Happy holidays and warm wishes for a prosperous New Year from all of us at AirborneRF.