happy Holidays from AirborneRF

Happy Holidays from AirborneRF!

2022 has been an exciting year for us. We have made significant strides in the industry and are thrilled to share some of our biggest achievements with you.

This year, we launched AirborneRF HUB and our Digital SORA solutions.

We were extremely honored regarding awards and nominations. We have been selected to be the winner of the Future Zone Award and the Digitalos Award for the best digital start-up in Austria. The ALAIAN consortium selected AirborneRF’s solution as one of the winners for the 5 G-based use case category. Furthermore, we became finalists at the Telecoms.com Glotel Awards and the 4YFN Awards 2023. Our solution was also selected for accelerator programs such as Vodafone Uplift in collaboration with Vodafone Germany.

We have partnered with industry-leading mobile network operators such as Swisscom, Drei, BT, LMT, Sunrise, Orange Polska, Telia, and KPN. In 2022, thanks to our HUB capabilities, we signed a partnership with Inmarsat to be able to integrate satellite data into our system. We also signed a contract with the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority to utilise connectivity data for DIGITAL SORA.

We conducted multiple successful trials within the GOF 2.0 consortium.  Using enhanced deconfliction functionality via cellular networks we showcased, with drone and eVTOL operators, the ability to operate safely in shared airspace maintaining separation between aircraft and reduced risks in the air and on the ground.

Overall, we had a very successful year, and we are grateful for our team, partners, and clients who have worked with us to achieve these milestones.

We look forward to reaching new heights together in 2023. Happy holidays and cheers to the New Year!

The AirborneRF Team