KPN utilizes AirborneRF solution

KPN utilizes AirborneRF solution for its Network Coverage Checker

KPN, the leading telecom provider in the Netherlands, enables safe and efficient BVLOS drone operation by providing connectivity mapping capabilities and other added-value services such as command and control, remote identification, remote positioning, and real-time video streaming. 

TEOCO and KPN announced their new partnership during the Amsterdam Drone Week, where they will work together to utilize AirborneRF capabilities for connectivity analysis and ground risk assessment. 

Knowing where people are on the ground is precious information for drone operations. Today, almost everybody uses a mobile phone, and cellular network operators such as KPN have vast data about device locations. Therefore, they know how many people are in any particular area at any given time. AirborneRF connects this data with aviation stakeholders allowing them to make real-time informed decisions about their flight path. 

“The SORA is a process which considers air risk and ground risk aspects. For that, you need dynamic data sources.
It makes a difference if you have a drone flight, let’s say in an off-peak hour, when you have different scenarios both regarding the number of people on the ground, as well as regarding the radio traffic, causing changes to both connectivity and ground risk. AirborneRF enables bringing that dynamic data into this digital process. We are pleased to support KPN to automate processes for a safer future. “says Thomas Neubauer, Vice President of Innovation and Business Development at TEOCO. 

“We have visual inspections done by robots, not only done by drones. There you have the same key questions about security for data and privacy of users, and all kinds of aspects. We have lots of experience using the same type of framework”….”TEOCO is our trusted partner on the ground, and we are very happy we are working together to do the same thing that we have already done on the ground in the air.” says Han De Glint, Commercial Product Manager IoT at KPN. 

Check out the video below from Amsterdam Drone Week, where Thomas Neubauer, Vice President of TEOCO and Han De Glint, Commercial Product Manager IoT at KPN, were interviewed about their collaboration and a lot more.