AirborneRF HUB

AirborneRF HUB is launched to combine multiple sources of connectivity data for BVLOS drone operations

AirborneRF, the platform bridging the telecom and the aviation industries, building upon its recent partnership with Inmarsat, has announced a launch of AirborneRF HUB, a new capability to combine multiple connectivity sources. 

For example, AirborneRF HUB analyzes cellular and satellite data from several providers, and enables the users, such as drone operators and UTM systems the best possible real-life connectivity path for BVLOS drone flights. 

AirborneRF HUB also provides the user with all relevant information about ground and air risks, aggregated and available through a single, programmable interface.

“We designed this solution with the user’s perspective in mind. Drone operators want to have a single source, a single contract and a single interface to get automated access to the best possible connectivity that satisfies the redundancy and operational requirements.  This is what we can now provide with the AirborneRF HUB technology,” says Thomas Wana, Co-founder of AirborneRF.

He explains further, “Our mobile network operator customers can benefit from the AirborneRF HUB capabilities by enhancing their offer through partners, for example for complementary Satcom.  This extends the range of their services that are not served by the terrestrial networks. This will enable some high-value BVLOS services, such as inspections, and first responders all the way to delivery. Launching this new solution, we’re incredibly proud to continue playing a vital role in helping BVLOS drone operations scale.”

With the new HUB, AirborneRF partners will be able to achieve the service uptime required for the different application cases, in all types of weather and satisfy regulatory requirements through dual dissimilar redundancy.

Furthermore, AirborneRF HUB provides the perfect data source for dynamic digital data feeds into any kind of risk assessment and digital SORA application.

For more information, watch the below video!