AirborneRF is leading the way towards to Aerial IOT with Alaian members

Alaian, the consortium of six major global telecommunications companies (Telefonica, Cellnex, Windtre, KPN, Bouygues, MTN), selected AirborneRF solution as a distributor for their 5G initiatives.

Its members set up Alaian with the mission of reinventing the telecommunication industry by discovering the most disruptive start-ups and with the potential to provide access to a network of 700 million customers in more than 50 countries. One of the programs’ main aims is to generate joint business opportunities between telcos and the selected start-ups.

The alliance recently published a call for start-ups with 5G solutions. Within the program call, they selected five innovative and disruptive projects that are meant to change the telco industry and other verticals, with a worldwide focus.

“I find it crucial that more and more telcos recognize the potential and importance of verticals, IoT services and airspace digitization. To fully unlock the potential of cellular networks and kick-start the work on next-generation value creation projects, start-ups and telcos must work together on new revenue-generating solutions. I am pleased to see AirborneRF being selected, and with that Alaian, members recognizing the business potential in the digital airspace,” says Thomas Wana, co-founder and CTO of AirborneRF.

For more information about Alaian, visit their website here.

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