AirborneRF and Onesky

AirborneRF Joins the OneSky Future of Flight Program

OneSky announces that Dimetor, the maker of AirborneRF, has signed on to be a member of the OneSky Future of Flight program to integrate and automate dynamic data from mobile networks enhancing safety in the airspace.

AirborneRF bridges the data gap between communications service providers (CSPs) and the aviation eco-system. AirborneRF delivers dynamic data, actual and forecasts, from mobile network operators (MNOs) into UTM systems, including (a) information regarding sufficiently good connectivity and (b) the population density along 3D flight routes. Mobile Network data is recognized within the EU Drone Strategy 2.0 as a means to enhance automated risk assessment, flight planning & clearing as well as conformance validation and monitoring.

Through the collaboration, OneSky and AirborneRF will integrate and automate dynamic data driving efficiency into processes such as SORA, compliance and performance requirements around connectivity (ref: EASA AMC & GM –

This provides OneSky’s customers with the services they need to deliver safe and compliant BVLOS and UAM operations, whilst AirborneRF customers are able to utilize UTM services to deliver new and innovative products to their customers.

Toby Potter, Head of EMEA at OneSky, said, “Managing risk and assuring safety sit at the heart of OneSky’s UTM capability. Together with AirborneRF we provide a reliable, consistent and quantifiable method of assessing dynamic connectivity and ground risk of any operation before and during the flight, ensuring compliance with performance requirements to deliver the highest levels of safety.”

“The digital airspace provides commercial opportunities for mobile network operators way beyond selling SIM cards and connectivity services. 4G and 5G infrastructure at the MNOs is the perfect platform for IoT services in the skies, delivered by drones, generating new business that just didn’t exist so far. Enabling these opportunities in a safe and scalable manner requires process automation and utilization of UTM capabilities”, says Thomas Wana, Co-founder and CTO at Dimetor.  “We are thrilled about working with OneSky, as we are sharing the same vision, building on the newly released interface standard by ACJA – the Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity, making business opportunities a reality”.Learn more about the OneSky Future of Flight program and how you can become a member here

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